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Our Programs

If  your budget permits, we always recommend that you engage us tofacilitate your program. We make the entire process really simple and enable you to just “plug and play” the activity into your event agenda. Our facilitators not only know the Helping Hands Program inside and out but are also experts at connecting the program with the learning objectives of your event and your organisation’s ethos and values.

If your budget is constrained or you would like to integrate your program into another training event that you already have a facilitator for, then a  Self-facilitated Program might be a more suitable option. We recommend that you participate in a facilitated program before trying to facilitate yourself.  

If you would like to take your facilitation to the next level and ensure that you preparation is perfect why not consider one of our Facilitator Accreditation Programsprior to purchasing a self-facilitator kit? At these programs you are not only given a master-class in how to facilitate but we also help you tailor / design your first program. Facilitation accreditation is a great professional development opportunity that will ultimately enable our Helping Hands community to build more hands and have a bigger impact worldwide