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The Helping Hands Program is about learning, inspiring your team, and giving back. Helping Hands challenges teams to utilize the potential of the hand parts to build an actual prosthetic hand, a better team, a better company, and a better world. In this globally recognized, purpose driven, corporate activity your team constructs prosthetic hands that are needed by thousands of amputees around the world who cannot afford such a life changing device.

The Helping Hands Program uses adult learning theory and experiential activities to guide your organisation’s team towards modelling true collaboration, commitment, quality and customer care whilst engaging in a truly purposeful activity.

Join hundreds of other organizations and tens of thousands of participants worldwide who have experienced this powerful, team building program. Groups have donated and built over 24,000 hands that have been delivered to amputees in more than 75 developing countries. Life changing moments are created while learning valuable lessons in purpose-driven work, customer centred thinking, secrets of collaboration, and much more. This is corporate team building as you've never experienced before.

Corporate Team Building Activities at their most powerful.